PACIFIC 150 GPD – Premium

  • This is a compact machine with analog control and includes a Booster Pump, an Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilizer for an extra layer of purification, and a Carbon Filter, all in the same frame. Online Monitoring TDS is also included in this machine.
    This machine provides a reliable solution for boats with limited power and space options.
    With simple installation and an easy operation procedure, this machine provides you with 150 Gallons-Per-Day (GPD) in any part of the open sea.
  • The only difference between the Premium model and the Basic model is that the Premium has a High-Pressure (HP) Pump with a Stainless Steel body, and the Basic features a High-Pressure (HP) Pump with a Brass Body.

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Compact system with analog control (manual operation).

Compact, durable, and reliable solution for boaters with limited power and space options.

It is simple installation and easy operation provides all water you need in any part of the open sea.

All components in the same frame, included the feed pump (priming booster pump).

Production day 150 gal.

Disinfection system after treatment by ultraviolet sterilizer.

Final water treatment with activated carbon filter.

Water quality monitoring through TDS conductivity meter online.

High Pressure Pump Stainley Steel.


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