Tecnortham About
TECNORTHAM LLC: Water Purification Technologies

Smart Solutions for Water Purification

  • Our products are manufactured in the USA.
  • Our equipment is designed by experts with years of experience in the Water Treatment business, and constantly search for new technologies to improve Water Treatment processes.
  • The entire line of equipment solutions provided by TECNORTHAM is built on the philosophy that better systems add better value.
  • Customized Solutions are available.
  • Worldwide delivery.
  • Serving cities, hotels, manufacturing plants, farms, beaches, and wherever drinkable water is needed.
Marine, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal

Tecnortham provides innovative solutions for water purification.

We are a watermaker manufacturer, distributor, agent, and service provider.
Our reputation and experience provides our customers with the assurance that we will provide the right product for each specific application.

Our equipment design and manufacturing expertise is backed with years of specialty seawater desalination systems, water and waste treatment, service and application development experience.

Components and Consumables
  • Membranes: Filmtec, Hydranautics, MR
  • Membrane Housings: Codeline, Protec, Wave-Cyber, Eurotec
  • Water Treatment Medias/Resin: Clack, Watts, Purolite
  • Sediment Filters, GAC Filters, Carbon Block Filters, Specialty Filters
  • Flow Meters, Pressure Gauges, Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Electric Solenoid Valves (brass and stainless steel), and others...