Replacement parts

We offer a variety of replacement parts for several of the components on our watermaker systems from filters and membranes to valves and seals for our pumps.

Below is a short list of the items available through our dealer network for user and owner replacement, with corresponding part numbers.

For further details on how to service and maintain your watermaker, you may view maintenance information on our Care and Maintenance page or owner manual .

Parts & Consumables Available for Most Major Brands of Watermakers

In addition to supplying spares and consumables for our own systems, TECNORTHAM  Water Desalination and our dealers stock a wide array of pumps, pump parts, membranes, filters and chemicals compatible with other major brands.



TECN-700      PP 5 micron filter element

TECN-710       PP 1 micron filter element

TECN-720       Pleated 5 micron filter element ( Plankton )

TECN-730       Activated carbon filter element inline

TECN-740       Activated carbon filter element

TECN-600      16oz High pressure pump oil