Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

We have designed and developed our watermakers to be cutting edge, yet still user-friendly and serviceable.

We are happy to provide the following maintenance and care guide instructing our customers how to properly and safely service the membranes, filters, pumps and various other devices that your water maker may be equipped with.

The following maintenance items are available through your local TECNORTHAM distributor and our website ( and can be ordered by referencing the supplied part numbers or through our website.

  • TECN-500 – Membrane Storage Compound
  • TECN-220 – Acid Cleaner
  • TECN-110 – Alkaline Cleaner
  • TECN-300 – Rust Remover
  • TECN-200 – Membrane Cleaning Chemical Kit  (Kit includes Acid and Alkaline Cleaners)
  • TECN-600 – 16 oz. High Pressure Pump Oil

In the event you require further information for servicing your watermaker, you may contact our technical department or locate an authorized dealer and servicing center near you.

Membrane Cleaning Procedures

Maintenance and Repair Guide