Since 1997 Tecnortham has been providing innovative solutions for environmental and manufacturing process applications. From the water that we drink & products that we consume, to the subsequent by-products that are returned to the environment, you can find our products being used in the associated processes.

Tecnortham leads the way with a very diverse product offering and a dynamic approach to customer service. Our clients enjoy superior performing products with top to bottom customer service and care.

We are a manufacturer, distributor, agent, and service provider. Our reputation and experience provides our customers with the assurance that we will provide the right product for each specific application.

Tecnortham is a leading producer of value-added process and chemical feed systems for a wide range of industries and applications.

Our equipment design and manufacturing expertise is backed with years of specialty chemical sales, service and application development experience.

The entire line of equipment solutions provided by Tecnortham is built on a philosophy that better designs bring better value.