Polymer Systems

TECNORTHAM offers a complete line of polymer make-down and dilution equipment. With systems built to handle solution, emulsion, Mannich, and dry polymers, TECNORTHAM is a "one stop shop" for polymer delivery technology. Each series of polymer handling systems is available in a number of different configurations to satisfy a wide range of flow rates and control schemes. With the ability to customize these units in house, TECNORTHAM offers client companies complete flexibility in obtaining equipment that meets specific end-use requirements.

Solution Polymer Systems

Solution Polymer Systems , was built to provide accurate metering and in-line dilution to solution type polymers that do not required aging or holding times. Incorporated into these systems is an TECNORTHAM engineered precision mixing device that incorporates a unique internal flow path and downstream static mixer to generate consistently uniform solids. With a wide range of flow rates and voltage choices, this series offers premier performance, durability and flexibility.

Emulsion Polymer Systems

Emulsion Polymer Dilution Units the ideal amount of mixing energy to produce high yield polymer solutions. Offering both manual and ratio solids control options gives client companies options for selecting equipment that meets their needs. Available in several possible power configurations, and multiple choices for automation and level tank control make the most reliable and flexible polymer dilution systems available.

Dry Polymer Systems

Dry Polymer system is designed to mix dry chemicals into solution prior to adding to the water treatment process. The volumetric feeder dispenses dry chemical into the mix tank while the flow switch is monitoring water entering the mix tank. The dry chemical and the water are introduced directly into the prop style tank mixer, where they are mixed into solution. The solution is then drawn from the opposite side of the tank to the process.

Integrated Dry / Liquid Polymer Feed System

The Integrated Dry / Liquid Polymer Feed System is a turn-key automatic feed system for batch-wise preparation and metering of polymer solutions from powdered or liquid chemicals.

The feeds an adjustable flow of powdered or liquid polymers and an adjustable flow of preparation and dilution water. The uses a step-by-step mixing system to effectively hydrate and mix the polymer to a homogenous and activated polymer solution. The initial step is the hydration system, where the polymer is wetted, followed by water acceleration in the ejector, and the efficient but gentle agitating in the mixing tank. The step-by-step mixing system provides you with the most efficient way to produce a polymer solution.


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