Chemical Feed System

TECNORTHAM feed systems are designed and built to perform reliably for a wide range of end-uses. Ranging from micro-feed systems built to meter finite additives with precision to massive, large-volume bulk transport units.

TECNORTHAM offers a standard list of products, as well as the ability to custom design equipment tailored to meet specific needs. With more than a decade of experience fabricating these systems, TECNORTHAM not only offers a wide range of pump types and brands, but also possesses the know-how to install this equipment into a skid-mounted system with plumbing, measurement devices, electrical components and control schemes that help deliver the best performance possible.

TECNORTHAM provides equipment and systems for virtually any water, waste water & process chemical feed application. We engineer complete systems in-house for Dry/Reagent, Gas, and Liquid feed, integrating equipment from the premier manufacturers in the business.